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Shoplifting Prevention Tips & Tricks to Help Save You Thousands

shoplifting preventionIf someone offered you thousands of dollars every year to implement certain procedures in your business, would you do it? What if they offered you a couple million dollars? Each year, millions of dollars in merchandise is stolen across America. But, if small and large businesses implemented shoplifting prevention procedures, this frustrating (and illegal!) behavior could be dramatically reduced.

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Discover a few tips and tricks to maximize security and minimize shoplifting:

Train Your Staff

Educating your staff is key to prevent a successful shoplifting attempt. It’s important to not only know what to look for, but also know how to respond if shoplifting occurs. For example, most people hide merchandise in their clothing, purses, and strollers. If this occurs, make sure all employees know a signal to alert the other employees to take action.

Organize Your Products Regularly

If your store or merchandise is disorganized, it will be difficult to see if shoplifting has occurred. Organizing your products should be a daily activity. Appoint this task to an employee so it is done often throughout the day.

Be Intentional about the Layout of Your Store

How your store is arranged can be of great benefit to you while trying to minimize shoplifting. Consider the following ways to arrange your space:

  • Place mirrors in the corners of your store
  • Put the checkout area near the exit
  • Install bright lights
  • Keep expensive items behind the register
  • Have a fitting room attendant

Install a Video Surveillance System

Research has shown that shoplifting decreases dramatically when video surveillance systems are in place. Many times, when a potential shoplifter sees that they are being monitored, their confidence falters and they choose not to steal in fear of being caught. And, we are here to help! Our products have helped businesses eliminate shoplifting for 51 years, and by following these shoplifting prevention tips, you can increase your business’ safety.

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