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An Inside Job: Preventing Employee Theft

employee theftIn last month’s blog, we shared ways that a business can be proactive in preventing shoplifting. Business owners go into their business knowing they must protect themselves from the external threat of shoplifters. However, it’s just as important to be on the lookout for internal threats, like employee theft.


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Although it may not be as obvious, it is absolutely crucial for you, the business owner, to protect yourself against employee theft. It’s not a happy thought – your business is booming, it’s running smoothly, and you seem to have a great team working for you. But you’ve noticed some losses that are keeping your situation from being perfect, whether it’s in inventory, productivity, or money. In situations like this, it’s important to consider the real possibility that the problem is internal rather than external.


Useful Tips for Preventing Employee Theft

Here are some useful tips to prevent employee theft from plaguing you and your company:


  • Limit opportunities for employees to be alone. If your business is retail, try to make sure that employees aren’t left by themselves in the store, whether opening or closing. If you supervise an office, keep employees from handling money while isolated from others.
  • Make the effort to get to know your employees. Employees will generally have a much easier time stealing from someone they don’t know well. Additionally, knowing your employees on a personal level will allow you to spot strange, abnormal behavior.
  • Monitor your employees on the job by installing security cameras in the office. Security cameras can help prevent theft of products and money, but it can also help in combatting time theft. Using internet protocol (IP) cameras will allow you to access your surveillance even when you’re not in the office.
  • employee theftRun a background check before you hire someone. This will allow you to avoid potential employee theft by weeding out thieves from the beginning. It may also be helpful to run a drug screening.


These are just a few ways that will help you keep your business safe and protected from employee theft. Some of these suggestions are simple changes in policy that require nothing more than a little bit of effort and initiative on your part.


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